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Vlad Dracula
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  • There was a time when, on the southern shores of the Danube, great knights were summoned by their Emperor to defend the Faith threatened by the blasphemer of the Cross of Christ. The greatest of these knights, known as the Son of the Dragon, was a prince honest and terrible, just and cruel. Appointed to defend the religion, he was betrayed by his own brother and abandoned by his Allies. Victorious, he took revenge rejecting the sacred oath pronounced by his father. His vassals trembled, his king disowned him and the history chose to forget him... The night he ascended to the throne after a long battle, the astronomers from around the world recorded the appearance of a luminous trail in the sky; it gave witness to the advent of a great prince whose anger was turned off only in a terrible bloodbath. He ate surrounded by the corpses of his traitors and he drank their blood sealing that evil pact that eradicated him from history and surrender him to the legend. Forgotten, the great knight may be confused with the vampire and the fog of popular memory dispersing his story blurring the outlines into the indistinct background of slander and superstition.
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