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Links about Dracula and surroundings.

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Bela Lugosi
Bela Lugosi official website.

Catafalco - the grave of the vampires
A journey into the world of the vampire through film, literature, music, comics.

An interesting blog about Dracula, vampires and surroundings.

Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee official website.

DRACULA between Hero and Vampire
Was Dracula nothing else but a hero? Was he a dark vampire? Was he both? Encyclopedia site dedicated to Count Dracula - the vampire and his historical inspiration - Vlad III Dracula. The site tries to get together the most important resources about Dracula's fictional and historical worlds - movies, books, historical resources, web resources.

Dracula's Crypt of Collectibles
Daily pictures of vintage Dracula (and other vampire) posters, lobby cards, stills, toys and other collectibles!

Hammer Films
Hammer Films official website.

The Dictionary of Hammer Horror
The Dictionary of Hammer Horror, a comprehensive guide to Britain's most famous gothic horror studio. Here you can find out more about Hammer actors and actresses, directors, crew, locations and much more.

Inferno - gothic wear
Crazy, new, transgressive, alternative and avant-garde. Dress your night, rid your day.

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