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About us

The Order
The Order of the Dragon is a free association founded in 1998 thanks to the commitment and the passion of the two founders.
The purpose of the Order of the Dragon is the collection of material and information about Dracula, both as regards the historical figure of Prince Vlad III of Wallachia (field where the association has become specialized) that the count-vampire invented by the Irish writer Bram Stoker in 1897.
Thanks to the astonishing activities of its 1065 members and the researches carried out by its founders with several expeditions to Hungary, Romania (Transylvania), Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and England, now the Order of the Dragon has an extensive archive consists of books, essays, academic theses, films, documentaries, film posters, memorabilia and several gifts and branded goods. Through the ever-active collection of documentary material, the association may aim to become a landmark for all who wish to explore the story of one of the most fascinating figure of European history and discover how the most evergreen figure of our imagination has been portrayed on all media through the time.
As a tangible sign of the work done to date the Order of the Dragon has produced a CD-ROM entirely devoted to the historical figure of Vlad Dracula: with its over one hundred pages of text, more than fifty images, videos and transcripts of original documents, an extensive filmography and an interesting tour guide for a "Dracula Tour" in Romania, this is certainly the most comprehensive document ever produced in Italy about the mysterious Wallachian prince.

The events
The Order of the Dragon is esteemed among the devotees of the myth of Dracula; several are the requests, sent from around the world, for relevant information to the writing up of university thesis. Also the Order of the Dragon is taking part in leading cultural events. Among the latter we have to remember the great exhibition "Vampires" (Milan, PortaRomana Museums, March-May 1998) and the historical exhibition "Vlad Tepes, the myth of Dracula" (Grazzano Visconti, March-December 2002).
On 23 and 24 November 2002, at the Hungarian Academy in Rome, the Order of the Dragon has set up his first exhibition "Dracula. Myth and reality" displaying its archive and organizing a film festival and two conferences (for which attended by scholars such as Carla Corradi Musi, Massimo Izzi, Quirino Principe, Alberto Ravaglioli and Roberto Ruspanti). The several newspaper articles, television reports, and the more than 2000 visitors participated were the proofs of the success of the event.
The Order of the Dragon has celebrated its first official convention on 2 November 2001 (at the 570th anniversary of the birth of Vlad Dracula) with a big party organized in collaboration with the Gothic Caf Vampyria in Reggio Emilia.
On 18 and 19 November 2005 at the Atelier Gluck in Milan, the Order of the Dragon has set up its second exhibition "The night of the vampires" by organizing a two days with an original theatrical improvisation and a large film festival. For the occasion, we celebrated the second official convention of members of the Order.

The media
Thanks to the wide range of activities of the Order of the Dragon many national newspapers and TV programs has been involved: such as Rai Uno (UnoMattina), Rai Due (Tg2), Rai Tre (Tg3 Lazio), La7 (La7 Tg), Teleregione, Rete Oro, Telereggio, AntennaTre, RTSI (TV Svizzera Italiana), Radio Rai Due (Gr Cultura and Katerpillar), Radio Svizzera Italiana, Radio Kiss Kiss, Radio Futura, Il Corriere della Sera, Il Messaggero, Il Tempo, Il Giorno, Il Giornale, La Repubblica, Il Nuovo, Il Resto del Carlino, La Gazzetta di Reggio, Latina Oggi, Oggi Nuovo Castelli, Panorama, Sette and many others.
Since March 2000 the Order of the Dragon has a "spot" open to everyone: the website

The Archives of the Order of the Dragon Dracula Books
The primary aim of the Order of the Dragon is the collection of material relating to the myth of Dracula, both in terms of the historical figure of Vlad and the myth of the vampire-count. In order to gain that aim, it has been established the Archive of the Order of the Dragon in which the collected material is sorted, catalogued and stored. The Archive was created thanks to the support (not just economic) of all members and friends of the Order, and it is available to all who wish to browse the texts or view the video material, especially during the exhibitions, conferences and film festivals. It's no surprise that part of the archive has already been shown on many occasions: the "Vampires" in Milan (March-May 1998), the exhibition "Vlad Tepes, the myth of Dracula" in Grazzano Visconti and Santa Maria di Sala (March-December 2002 and May 2003), the exhibition dedicated to Vlad Dracula during the event "Carpe Noctem" in Novellara (June 2003) and especially with two major exhibitions conference and film festival "Dracula. Myth and reality" in Rome (November 2002) and "The Night of the Vampires" in Milan (November 2005). Branded goods
The Archives of the Order of the Dragon collects videotapes, DVDs, CD-ROMs, music CDs, video games, branded goods, memorabilia, film posters, photographs of the film set, posters, lobby cards, books (280 volumes, including rare editions) games, magazines, fanzines, comics, etc.. The storage of information gathered during conferences, travels and study sessions by the several members, are made possible thanks to the realization of the documentary cd-rom "Vlad Dracula."
Among the "gems" that make precious the Archives of the Order of the Dragon we can list, but only as an indication, the collection of editions of the novel by Stoker (including a rare Italian edition of 1956 and an edition in Braille for the blind), the original lobby card for the film "Dracula the Vampire" (1958), the collection of television documentaries on VHS, the American edition of the book "Dracula" by Elisabeth Miller and a number of Dracula-based branded goods from Romania and worldwide.

The Archives of the Order of the Dragon.
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