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Erzsebet Bathory
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  • To meet the repeated demands from our members, we dedicate a small section of our website to the Hungarian countess Erzsebet Bathory, known to the general public as the "Countess Dracula".
    A clarification: with this section the Order of the Dragon is not intended in any way to support absurd historical parallels or improbable comparisons with historical character of Vlad Dracula. The "relationship" between the Countess Bathory and Dracula is rather to be considered exclusively in "literary" nature. Moreover, the Order of the Dragon intends officially dissociate itself from the awkward and forced readings that want Countess Bathory actually guilty of the charges that were brought by her judges. Indeed, it is clear to us - as to accredited scholars - that it was solely and exclusively a political conspiracy. Nevertheless, just like the literary Dracula, the "Blood Countess" has become, since the nineteenth century, one of the most fascinating characters of our imagination.
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